KickStart® Program (5-11) – learning the basics of running, jumping and throwing in accordance with Athletics Canada‘s Run, Jump and Throw (RJT) program.

The KickStart® program will give the kids an opportunity to discover the various events available in track and field. The athletes will compete in the Minor Track Association (MTA) and have the opportunity to compete at various competitions throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Development Program (11-14) – continuing with the basics learned in the KickStart®, athletes will build on the foundations of running, jumping and throwing with an emphasis on development. These athletes will compete in Minor Track Association (MTA) and Athletics Ontario (AO).

Intermediate Program (14-18) – these athletes will have a better understanding of Athletics and have chosen a preferred event(s) to compete in. The training is typically more advanced and in compliance with the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD)Train to Compete program. Athletes will compete in AO competitions and also have the opportunity to compete in National or International competitions.